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Laminate is still the least expensive way to go when it comes to counter tops. Laminate also offers the widest selection of colors. A number of different edge profiles are available. It is a non-porous surface, meaning bacteria have no place to grow within the material versus more porous surfaces such as stone and tile (grout). It is also a very low maintenance surface, requiring only normal cleaning.

For tops with a separate backsplash, we make our backsplashes out of pine so if water gets underneath it, it won’t swell and disfigure as with backsplashes made of particle board. We also still employ the old-fashioned method of gluing the laminate to the wood. We use a urea-resin glue and a hot press. This glue is a two-part epoxy that, once it’s cured, is impossible to remove. This eliminates virtually any possibility of delamination.

Unlike with solid surface, seams are visible with laminate, although when done well, they are hardly noticeable. You also cannot put hot objects in direct contact with a laminate surface. Laminate is, unfortunately, also non-repairable, if you scratch the surface, nothing can be done to repair it. We work in all the major laminate brands: Wilson Art, Formica, Pionite and Nevamar.

Prices for laminate tops start at $20.00 per square foot, installed.

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